Inspire • Design • Make – Tapestry Weaving Workshop

October 26, 2019, Cedar Haven Cabin on Red Cedar Lake, Birchwood, WI


Spend an inspiring day on beautiful Red Cedar Lake learning the art of tapestry weaving on a handcrafted frame loom. Included in the cost is a frame loom + weaving tools, instructional materials, yarn, and lunch.



Stout’s Island Lodge is a historic island resort that I have a personal connection with. I was fortunate to spend four years of my life living and working on Stout’s Island, even braving winters with my husband, as we were caretakers in the off season. Recently, I began spending the spring, summer, and early fall months working on this beautiful island once again, in a part-time capacity - we live very close to the boat launch, where the ferry takes guests to this beautiful island getaway.

So, it seems fitting that Stout’s would be one of the places that I hold local workshops, bringing a personal touch with my first-hand knowledge of the island, and its history. I am protective of Stout’s Island Lodge, am impressed with Stout’s Island Lodge, and am thrilled to have this connection to one of my favorite places, to share my love for fiber arts and my love for the island with all who care to be involved.

Additionally, by finding new venues across the country, I am expanding my instructional reach. I hope to continue along this path, finding other creative places to fall in love with while sharing my love for fiber arts.




Inspire•Design•Make, Tapestry Weaving Workshop, October 26, 2019, Cedar Haven Cabin, Birchwood, WI

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